Daily February: Days 23 & 24

Hah! It's becoming harder and harder to keep up this daily blogging goal.

Let me tell you this, I'm quite proud of it in fact, I have finished THE ALCHEMIST by Paul Coelho.

Now I'm reading Amy Tan's SAVING FISH FROM DROWNING. So far, it's a fun read. I was reading it while eating my cereal at lunch today. Then I heard myself laughing out loud. The sound surprised me. It's been ages since a book made me laugh. It's not even meaning to be funny. It's just wonderfully written. The book is a little thick, so it might take days, just like the thin Alchemist.

Right now I'm taking a break from reading by blogging and by watching the Oscar's. I'm having a fun time watching. I like awards shows. I always have a pick, even though I saw none of the movies nominated. We've cut back on our movie budget. We'll wait for DVD.

Since I'm in the mood to write, let me say I have been enjoying the American Idol the past week, where 5 of the girls and 5 of the boys were cut. The judges.....hmmm.....Mariah Carey is boring me. Amused I was by Nikki Minaj, who by the way I had no idea who she was before Idol. Yes, that's how clueless I am. Still I cannot tell you one song of her.

I doubted the inclusion of Keith Urban in the panel. I thought he was good as a singer, but I don't know much about him to fully make a vote, like I have one. Anyway, he's my fave judge so far, because his yes and no reflects mine.

Good news, we have a new addition in our extended family. My nephew became a first time father last week with the arrival of little precious one, Ashley Michelle. I haven't seen her yet, I'm aching to see her, except that I'm not sure I'm germ-free after the nasty cold bug I had two weeks ago. I still feel yucky sometimes and the cough is persisting so I'm not sure being near a newborn is a good idea.

Spring is nearly here. I cannot wait. The fruit trees in my garden are blooming, although the plum did not get pruned so there might not be too many fruits this year.

This weekend we spent a lot of time weeding. My backyard is overrun with weeds. (Buster just interrupted me. I think he wants to go downstairs. He needs human supervision to go down or up, hehehehe)

I planted a few Shasta daisy seeds today. I was planning on planting my "salad greens" seeds, but I didn't have a pot available. The planting plot just got weeded today and so it's nearly ready for tomatoes, but I'm not sure the plants are in the nursery yet. Will check next week.

Okay my tilapia sarsiado dinner is waiting.


Josiet said…
I haven't seen much of AI lately. But like you, I also like Keith Urban. Doesn't hurt that he's uber cute also haha!

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