Daily February: Day 1

I am embarking on a project to blog daily and I thought doing it in February makes the most sense since it is the shortest month of the year; hence less work, hahaha.

I had a dream last night. Two actually, but I'm only sharing one, the first one today. I'm quite fascinated by dreams and how few I remember when I wake up. I don't know if I don't dream quite as often or that I simply don't remember them when I wake up.

Last night when the hubby rolled over to get up and use the potty, I woke up too. In my estimation it was nearly dawn; but when I followed him in the potty I glanced at the clock on my bedside table and it showed that I had only been sleeping at most 1.5 hours. How could that be? I already had a dream.

The dream went like this: I overheard a man in his 20s or 30s begging the sari-sari store owner to please sell him coffee and some pastries for breakfast. The storeowner, an older gent with salt and pepper hair, was rudely telling him that he has no coffee brewed at the moment and that he needed to leave for work right away, else he'd be late and his boss wouldn't hear of it.

Now, this is where I know I was dreaming, I suppose. Why would you get coffee and pastries at a sari-sari store?

Feeling sorry for this hungry man, I invited him over to my house for coffee.

The next scene finds this man sitting in my kitchen/dining room. The room is vaguely similar to the dining room/kitchen I grew up in, although the counter wraps around one half of the room and there are two different sinks. Nope it didn't look anything ike the kitchen I grew up in.

Anyway, with all the counter space I find it really weird that only two coffeemakers were on it. One at each end. I went to the closest one next to the door and I had a tough time manipulating it. It's like a 1920s version of a cappuccino machine. Except there were no cappuccino machines in the 1920s, I don't think.

While fumbling through coffee making, my older cousin who lived with us and raised my siblings and I came into the room. (She's been dead for a few years now.) She told me that this machine I was using is broken and I should use the one at the far end of the long counter.

I was worried that the delay is making my guest bored so I thought I'd invite one of my childhood friends to talk to him while I figure out a way to brew coffee. While I was thinking that, the son-of-gun appeared in my kitchen and pulled up a chair next to my guest and they started talking while I started to brew coffee at coffee maker #2.

Then I woke up.

DREAM INTERPRETATION: I don't have a clue except that my cousin must be whispering to me from beyond telling me to remember her on her upcoming death anniversary. It's in February.


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