Daily February: Day 15

Day 15 already. The month is half way through. Geesh!

Still not fully healed. Back to work for two days, followed by a 3-day weekend on account of President's Day on Monday.

I'd like to go out for a little hike on Monday, but I'm considering what people had advised me to take it easy because the cold bug this year had been very difficult to shake off.

People get better one day and then the bug would be back a few days later. I certainly don't wanna be sidelined by this again.

Thankfully, no more appearance of vertigo.

People tell me they have it with their colds too. Why didn't I hear of it before?

And there's more people who had vertigo more than I expected.


The weather has been warmer than usual, but I peeped at the forecast it seems like rain is on the way.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new installment of the DIE HARD series, I cannot remember the name.

I lost my desire to read again. Oh no!

As I write this the tv is showing an old movie PENELOPE, Buster is sleeping on top of fresh laundry while my husband and is snoozing on the bed with Emma in between his legs. I love these quiet moments like this.

I am blessed.


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