Daily February: Day 9

It's been a very very nice day. The weather had been a tad cool but the sun was out. We were in the city today because we went to join the hordes of fans who went to participate in what the SF Giants call FAN FEST. Had a blast just like last year.

Then we drove around the city and stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts and took some pictures.

Dinner was at a sushi place in Balboa called Yuubi Sushi. Really good sushi.

On the way back to the car, we passed by Cinderella Bakery and Cafe, which is a Russian bakery and cafe and had 2 pieces of cake to go for our dessert, because we didn't get anything at the sushi restaurant. We also got a coffee to go, it was freezing when dinner was over.

Oh yeah, we also went to get a sandwich at Valencia Street at a little liquor store that sells great sandwiches called Rhea's.

This would be our pre-Valentine date since we don't plan on doing anything for Valentine's.


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