Random Honesty

• Those electronic gadgets (i.e. smart phone) I don't mind having them. I have a smart phone right now but its name doesn't start with I or it has no android in it (whatever that is). If obtaining them doesn't come at the expense of my travel fund, I'd be running to the mall to get one. I definitely could see myself with bowed head, eyes stuck to the small screen and fingers continuously moving. That would be me.
• I don't have a bucket list. I'm making it up as I go.
• I'm lazy. I need help.
• I have an unhealthy attraction to pens (writing materials). Whatever store I go, I make sure I visit and browse at the office/school supply aisle for pens. My brain controls the purse strings so my heart cannot go crazy and head on to the cashier.
• If I can, I'd fill my whole yard with roses.
• Guilty pleasure - teen/young adult love stories like The Twilight series.
• In college when I get stressed out, I go to Ever Gotesco restaurant and eat pancit canton by myself.
• I love fried eggplant; I hate okra.
• One of my favorite movies (cannot get enough of it) is SCHOOL OF ROCK. Jack Black rocked here.
• I'm an introvert; my husband is Mr. Congeniality. Opposites attract what can I say.
• Here's one of my most fave pictures I took:


Kayni said…
Oh yes, I have a pen obsession too. I keep buying until I find the perfect one, which I have not found yet.
DaPHne LAura said…
I don't have a smartphone :P I justify it by saying I don't really need to be connected all the time. My old Nokia phone serves its purpose (texting and phone calls) so I'm happy with it. :D
madretz said…
Love that pic of Mr. B!

Have you been to Maido? oh, that is pen heaven. But yes, even the normal ballpoint pens make me happy. I also love scissors.

Love Jack Black (usually, lol - i could do without Nacho Libre). But School of Rock rocks!

Love okra. Eggplant is...not my favorite though I've had it 3x where I liked it a lot.

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