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*****Rain, rain, rain. We've been having that for days now. Will continue for a few more days it seems. We like it, we need it. But going to work is a big pain. Slow traffic, very wet, and visibility is challenging.

*****Finally got around to opening one of the boxes sitting in the garage from when we moved 2 yrs ago. The box we opened contained our dvd collection. And we even have videotapes, which we will be donating to Salvation Army if they want it. The good news to this is I finally got to see PRIDE AND PREJUDICE again. The minute we unearthed our copy, we immediately put it on and watched it. Oh Mr. Darcy, how I missed you :)

*****We went to dinner a week ago to HANA JAPAN. We purchased a dinner voucher from Travelzoo last year and it was expiring this week so we went last week. We went on a Tuesday and the place was packed. Who knew people go out to eat on a workday? Anyway, I was excited to see the "chef show" you know how the chef will perform some tricks while he cooks your food. Okay so the show was adequate, the food was equally adequate. Nothing special. It's actually highway robbery if we paid the full price and not the discounted price that we paid via the voucher. You don't really get to linger over your dinner and talk to your date because the arrangement is different. Plus the food wasn't all that great, overpriced if you ask me. Even the cocktails were not outstanding. My ZOMBIE, as my hubby called it, tasted like Robittusin, cough syrupy. I chosed Zombie because when I first started to try drinking my friends ordered zombie for all of us. One sip and I pushed my drink to my friend who just welcomed it with open arms. I didn't like it the first time. I certainly would not make the same mistake of ordering it the next time.

*****I'm terrified at speaking infront of about 50 people this weekend. I'm about to share an experience regarding HOSPITALITY. My experience is how this woman continuously offers hospitality to me and I keep on refusing. The thing is the woman went into a medical emergency last week. By the time I decided on the topic, she was lying in coma in a hospital. Many, including her family, have achieved peace at the prospect of her leaving, because the prognosis wasn't very good. No one was expecting her to recover. And so that was my background going into this assignment. Miracles happen and she recovered and by this time will be at home recuperating. Thank God! I haven't even wrote a draft on my talk, I'm scared shit, God help me.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


kassidy's notes said…
that story of the woman who recovered really took my attention. i am praying for a miracle.

not much here...just trying to overcome so many things...a bit down.

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