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It's official, we are in springtime mode. I love spring. It's an outdoor season. You have to be outside to enjoy it. All the trees are blooming. The rapeseed are blanketing the ground. The bulbs are all on display - the tulips, hyacinths, etc.

I must take advantage of the start of this season. I have noticed that my camera was in hiatus lately. It only went out shooting once the entire winter.

Hope springs eternal they say. And spring is the season of hope. The season where we begin anew, fresh start.

This spring I'm looking forward to a little quick get-away for our anniversary. I am hoping for a little walk with the giants (redwoods) but I"m not sure what we'll do. The past couple of years we've done the beach (Monterey) although both times it was still too cold to linger even on the beach. I'd like a little nature walk under the trees, but I'm not sure.

Nothing else is in the books for spring. We are anticipating a long-awaited visit to relatives abroad in the summer time, but that too is not set in stone. One thing that is booked is our cruise in November. Plenty of time to acrrue more vacation time to use for that right?

Enjoy spring. Enjoy the flowers. Take antihistamine so you can for those who have allergies :). Just kidding.


kayni said…
happy spring!
BlogusVox said…
At least in your part of the world, spring still comes as expected. Here, our weather is so erratic. We don't know if winter is over or spring is coming. Yesterday it's cold, today its 31 degrees and tomorrow it goes down to 18 and aggravated by this never ending sandstorm. It makes a lot of people sick. : (

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