American Idol

guitar hero? nah, acoustic., originally uploaded by M'roy.

The new season of American Idol unfolded last night. Did you see it? I tuned in nearly midway when contestant #5 was singing. I have a few comments with regards to the newest season.

First, every day I am liking Jennifer Lopez more and more. Did you see her stylish white ensemble last night. So elegant and fabulous. She is flawless with her styling. I also like the way she's calling it bad if it's bad, in her own I-don't-want-to-be-mean fashion when she told Shannon it wasn't her best. I could have preferred if she gave Shannon some tough love.

Second, I don't see many contestants that excite me.

Third, my early faves are Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Something, Skylar Something, Phil Phillips and Colton Something. Yap, that's how much I know this new crop of wannabes.

Fourth, Stevie Wonder is a terrific singer but enough of his songs already. It seems that every single year we have to sit in front of the tv and watch these wannabes cover Stevie Wonder. Pick another singer/songs will ya American Idol bosses.

Fifth, I hope none of my early faves get the boot tonight.

BTW, did you know that today is the International Women's Day? I didn't. Happy IWD to all the wonderful women.


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