I'm reading a book and other things.

My New Year's Resolution or goal this year was to read a book.  Er books.  Get me back into the habit of reading.  So I'm really proud to report that I'm reading a book right now.  It's one of those conspiracy spy thriller books.  I don't where I got the book, but I'm guessing that I picked it up on one of the library book sales last year.  Unfortunately the book is book #5 in a series of 8 (the #8 is being released this June).  How do I know that?  I googled/wiki'd the book and found out that it's book #5.  I was quite intrigued because the characters weren't being introduced as properly.  It's because they've been introduced in previous books.  So what I did was to jot down the rest of the books in the series.  In the meantime I'd finish this book and work my way into all the books from book #1. Hopefully, I'd get the gist of the series from book #5.

Some other things that's on my mind and what I've done lately:
  • Loving the rainy weather after a very dry winter.
  • Been enjoying my tv viewing lately.  Many of my shows will be ending soon, either series finale or season finale.
  • A dear lady that I mentioned in the past post that recovered from a coma had died yesterday.  I was really shocked to hear about her passing via email from my priest. God bless her soul.  Rest in Peace Judy.
  • Went plant shopping on Saturday in my raincoat and umbrella.  We are crazy we know, shopping for plants in a downpour.  We were the only ones looking at plants in one nursery, but at the Cactus Jungle (where we spent $50, expensive) there was another couple crazy just like us braving the inclement weather to look at and buy cactus/cacti.
  • Had a lovely time going to Happy Hour at Chevy's after the plant shopping activity.  We picked up a friend who lives near Chevy's and we had a fun time talking, eating and drinking.  And yes I had two margaritas. I was bad!
  • I overate on Sunday too.  Mom, my two brothers and their wives and my hubby and I went to the casino for mom's early b/day celebration.  She wanted to go.  We usually take her once a year, usually on or near her b/day.  We hit the buffet and while I was disciplined at what and how much I put into my plate/s I knew I overate just the same.  
  • Still doesn't have plans for our wedding anniversary in May. 
  • I don't want to get FB timeline, I really don't.
  • To see (Hunger Games) or not to see, I don't know the answer to that question.
  • I really need new shoes that would be perfect for both spring and summer.
  • I've watched PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 4x in the last 2 weeks.
  • Apparently I've got allergies, the doctors can't just figure out what it is I'm allergic to. 


Kayni said…
I'm shocked to hear about that lady passing away. God bless her.
prinsesamusang said…
good luck with the book. i hope you enjoy it to bits. i thought i'm the only person not bitten by the hunger games bug. because you are still thinking of it, that means we are still on the same boat. haha. i've never gon plant shopping, sounds very interesting though!

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