Faster Than A Hummingbird's Flapping Wings

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The weekend that is..... don't you all agree? But despite all that, the weekend was gorgeous here, weather wise. We saw a high of 75F, very high for March, a temperature we seldom even experience in the summertime. I think it's a hot year, you know what I mean?

Among the things we did this weekend was attend a fundraising White Elephant Sale to benefit Oakland Museum. The rummage sale was held in a 96,000 sq ft storage near the Oakland estuary. This would be my second year in a row coming here.

List of our loot: books, mostly old, some are even in the 1800s, nothing fascinating. It's not for reading, we just want to collect it. The binding was interesting, mostly typical of the era I believe. Although there were 2 of them about Russian tsars, a bit interesting read I think.

There is also another book with a dedication in the front, dated 1939. Can you believe it? Someone gave this book to somebody in 1939 and 73 years later it's in my book shelf. Fascinating.

We skimmed through the art section, spent a short time there compared to last year, and still managed to buy three or four prints.

In the bric-a-brac section, I had no success. I was looking for some cat figurines, but they only have bigger ones and I saw only 3 or 4 of them. Where are the cats stuff?

Also catching our eye was the display of old Avon perfume bottles. I remember this, in the 70s my brother would send me Avon perfumes and the bottles were really interesting. They were works of art. I had a teddy bear, a little house, and other interesting bottles, I cannot remember. We gave the bottles away though when relatives asked for them. Mom couldn't say no. We have them displayed in the sala and everyone can see them. Of course I used up all the perfume, so mom thought it be okay to give away the bottles.

Anyway, these ones were doll figurine bottles. They were so cute and only a dollar for each one. I was tempted to buy the whole lot, except that the hubby was there with me and he usually put the reins on my shopping sprees (good to do). Hence, we only took 3 of those glass dolls, we chose the prettiest we could find.

As always the jewelry section was crowded, I just made a cursory round of the display. We went there in the afternoon and not enough time to browse the 96,000 sq footage of goodies. As we were leaving we spotted this beautiful and charming soup bowl, we always wanted to get one, at $8. So we bought it. We probably spent under $40 in total. Next year, we plan to spend the whole day there :)

Moving on, after our exciting rummage sale, we were scheduled to watch THE DESCENDANTS starring George Clooney. We had a discounted ticket at Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley, which is a short drive from the rummage sale. Now, this cinema is not a multiplex. It's a real cinema that I haven't been on one before.

The screening room is quite small, roughly 50 people capacity I believe. The seats are nothing like multiplex seating. At each aisle they have a couch like seating with leathered cushioned seats with leathered pillows as backing. Our seat was for two people only. It was like watching a movie in your own home. How cool is that???

The movie where George Clooney won best actor at the Golden Globes award this year was outstanding. That Clooney guy can really act. The story telling is superb, the cast was good. And Hawaii is so amazing. So dreamy. I want to go to Hawaii!!!!

Let's leave this post at that last sentence, that's like a shout-out to travel gods. That Sat went by fast so did Sunday. Hence, here we are again Monday workday. Hope the week runs smoothly for everyone.

BTW, we were awaken early morning by an earthquake. Scary!


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