Breathing a Sigh of Relief

I am now breathing a sigh of relief after finishing the public speaking that was slated for this morning. But last night as we were driving home from a wonderful dinner with my brother and sister-in-law at a Brazilian steak house, I was filled with fright at the prospect of giving my talk. And at 9 pm last night I have not even written a single word of draft. I needed a cheat sheet to be able to share my experiences to people. I cannot just go in front of a podium and wing it. Not just me.

So with my stomach heavy with meat I sat in front of the computer last night and suddenly words started coming out. In fact I was able to share my experiences in the least amount of words possible. How could I be so succint? I am wordy as you can tell from all the blogposts here. I tend to be use more words than necessary, however, last night the right words started coming out. Therefore I was able to easily compose my "speech" in a matter of minutes. Hallelujah!


Andrea said…
Congratulations, you are very good in writing and photography, i am sure you are also very good as a speaker! It only needs practice. God bless the woman who helped you, she needs to still impart the positive energies for more people.
BlogusVox said…
If ever I gave a speech, I draft it first then review and edit it if necessary. I got one rule of thumb when it comes to this - "short and terse".

You're one of the few writers I met which requires me to have a dictionary in hand every time I read your post. : )
Josiet said…
Congrats! You're a good writer so I am sure your speech turned out great! =)

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