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04-03-11 060
Another weekend is over. The above photo has nothing to do with my post. I thought this blog could use another photo after consecutive all text posts.

We began our weekend by taking the kitties to get their vaccinations. There is a mobile vet clinic that gives vaccinations and other vet services every Saturday at a local PetFoods store.

We loaded up the cats in their own carrier. I had my husband do this task, but he was a bit heavy handed with Emma, who screamed her little heart out. She did not want to get in. Eventually we got them in. And the short car ride freaked them out. Buster was meowing in that tone of voice that said he was really scared. They were both in the back seat. I had to take Buster's carrier infront to soothe him, and petted him and cooed the whole time.

Emma was quiet but I could sense that she was unhappy about the whole thing. I stayed with them inside the car while husband did the queueing up and filling out of forms.

The cats both received 3 different shots each. And while they didn't seem to feel it and they were very good the whole time, the experience left me unhinge.

I was told that the shots would make them feel lethargic and not their own selves for a couple of days. Just like people in the aftermath of a flu shot.

But Emma and Buster were unusually quiet all weekend. There wasn't that running up and down from Buster and Emma for the most part stayed in our bed the whole weekend. I would come up and check on her and she would let out that faint meow and I'd come and hug her and tell her "I know you are sick, baby."

They also got shots in their legs, and I think they felt sore, both of them as Emma was thinking twice before leaping on top of shelves all weekend and Buster was favoring that leg when he jumped down.

I hope they get back to their own rowdy selves soon, today if that is possible.

And so after that unpleasant experience for me, we thought we'd turn the day around by going to an iris farm. I found out about this iris farm from a local magazine. It's free of charge and they sell the iris for those who are interested.

It wasn't far, about 35 miles from home, and the drive was smooth and quiet. The weather on Saturday was high 70s and breezy, so very very comfortable.

The minute we got off the freeway, the farm was still about 6 miles away.
This road was lined with farms, nurseries, and beautiful houses. The atmosphere is totally completely farmland, yet only about 50 miles from SF and about 40 miles from Sacramento. So close yet so far :)

The farm was smaller than I expected - as I've been to a bigger one in Oregon. The blooms were definitely there, but apparently we were early for the peak season as many of the plants were not blooming yet. The lady who greeted us was very friendly and told us what to expect or do when we want to buy anything.

And of course she said we can just take pictures - when she saw hubs with teh tripod. People were there for the picture taking ops too. I'll sort out the phots and blog about it soon.

On the way back to the freeway, we didn't backtrack as we saw a sign to the town. When we followed the sign, we found we were driving in residential areas. I love driving in residential areas. I enjoy looking at curve appeals and house architectures. And then we found we were in downtown and I've never been here before. This city to outsiders is home to the Outlet Stores that are next to the freeway. I don't know anybody who had come to this city to be in this city - downtown area. People come here for the shopping.

After much failures, we finally found the way back to the freeway and to the outlet stores. We entered a few stores, got a shirt that would be good for my rafting trip this summer.

I must fess up here. In my single days, I had been here more often than needed. I have known these stores like the back of my hand. I have enjoyed shopping here. But this has been the first time I'm here as a married woman. That means I haven't been here in a long time. And maybe because I now value my hard-earned cash more now that I am married and have a mortgage, but I thought the prices of dresses - wow as they maybe - were pretty steep for an outlet mall.

We ended our Saturday by watching the Royal Wedding that we recorded. I peeked at the clock when it was time to turn off the tv and it was 3:30 am, Sunday.

And on Sunday, we stayed mostly at home. Slept till 11, got up and had oatmeal for breakfast. The Giants (baseball) game was on, but they were losing (again) so we changed channel and watched the Sharks (hockey) instead while browsing at the Sunday paper ads.

Sunday went by quickly, we cooked for the rest of the week. Our menu for dinner the whole week: goat goulash, gumbo, and steak fajita :)

Then before the day ended, we went for a quick shopping trip at Walmart. Snagged some shirts and cats stuff. Then went to Sears, they had a sale on Canon DSLR, but they wouldn't let us open the box to inspect the camera. They don't even have a floor model, can you believe that.

So I didn't get my Canon this weekend, but I think I found a new love - Pentax. Let's see if one of these babies could be with us next week.

So how was your weekend? And oh have a lovely May.


kayni said…
i hope the kitties feel better today. i'm feeling under the weather again. it's been a rainy sunday here but finally got the veg garden going.

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