A Week Without A Post

A week without a post, how did that happen?

Anyway, we all know that all bloggers have off line lives and they sometimes get really hectic. The poor blogger finds himself/herself being pulled in both directions. And more often than not it's the blog that has to be let go. Enough, let me just tell you what has transpired in the almost one week I was out of blogging here.
  • Emma and Buster took their scheduled showers this weekend.  Buster didn't knew what hit him really.  But Emma knew.  She saw Buster and when it was her turn she politely declined.  I let her get her way - for bit - and when she thought her turn wasn't coming - boom, we took her to get her shower.  They smell fresh now.  It was in time with changing our bedsheets.  
  • Was planning on watching Thor over the weekend, but wasn't feeling it.  Did I miss a lot?
  • Been watching and following the San Jose Sharks (the local hockey team).  Unfortunately, they are getting beaten by the more powerful and experienced Vancouver Canucks.  You should see my friend from Vancouver's FB status posts regarding the Canucks' victories :(
  • Loving baseball on tv just like before.  I love my Giants.
  • Big NEWS - I finally got my DSLR - there goes my tax refund.  Loving the test shots so far.  Still need to learn how to use it but am so excited.
  • Blue Ray players were on sale and we snagged one.  This blogger is dumb dumb when it comes to technology.  Who knew blue ray players are now wi-fi enabled and you can access your Netflix thru it?  Not I? I thought when I heard the wi-fi on the packaging, I could watch You Tube videos thru it :)
  • Another purchase - a waffle maker - it was on sale.  So on Sunday night, we had waffle and bacon and eggs for dinner.  I don't need to go out for waffles now.
  • Anybody surprised that it was Scotty and Lauren in the finals.  I am talking about American Idol for those who has been living under a rock.
  • I got an invite. My niece's son is turning one. I haven't even seen the baby yet and he's one already!
  • I just found out that my cousin's daughter has a blog.  My, the girl can write too :) Must be in the genes.
  • My little furbabies are sleeping in the bed as I write this post while hubs is in a church meeting.
  • Looking forward to a lovely two days.  Driving down to Monterey tomorrow for our anniversary get-away.  Looks like we are creating a tradition here.  We went to Monterey last year and had an anniversary eve dinner at a tapas place and had anniversary lunch at this little cafe - RED HOUSE CAFE.  This year I told my husband we are going there again and I will plan to order the same food I had last year.  He was game with that plan of mine. And of course I plan to test out some more this new DSLR of mine. I suppose I need to name it right?
  • I know it's a quick get-away, but I am hoping I can get some rest while there.
  • I guess I'm missing the CATS ON TUESDAY post. 
See y'all later.


kayni said…
happy anniversary!

what kind of dslr did you get?
Srivats said…
Very happy anniversary
I am excited about the waffle maker actually :P
been a great fan ever since i tasted my first waffle, Go nuts :)
Josiet said…
Congrats on the DSLR! And Happy Anniversary. Hope you get some rest =)

I loved the AI finale, well, because Scotty won. Haha!!!

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