Emma on Cats on Tuesday

03-19-11 002
EMMA: Mama said, "No peeking on the bag, Emma!". I didn't peek. I just sit there quietly and patiently for her to unload what's on the bag. I would be really unhappy if there is no treat for me inside :)

I am linking to CATS ON TUESDAY.


The Island Cats said…
Hi Emma and Buster! Thanks for visiting us today! Emma, Trader Joe's has the good stuff and we hope there is a treat in that bag for you!
shrink2dot said…
Hi, Emma..you're such a beautiful cat! and I'm sure you behave well too :)
We love LUNA said…
oh Emma , cherie, I'm sure there is some good treats inside this bag!You are so patient and this picture is adorable!
Good luck!
Barbara said…
If I told my cats not to look in a bag it would be the first thing they did! I wish you'd teach them how to be as well behaved as you Emma x

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