Comfort Food

lumix 126

After garlic fried rice and longganisa, this would be my favorite breakfast. Believe it or not every single day in our cruise I eat this. My husband can't get the fascination I have and how on earth don't I get sick of eating it day after day.

I posted this today because I'm feeling so low. I am dealing with some news that are frustrating. I have never cried infront of my doctors before but I did yesterday. It was a low point. But I managed to put a brave front today in another appointment.

Breathe in, breathe out!



Josiet said…
*hugs* I hope whatever it is, you'll get through it exceptionally well.

My comfort food would have to be french fries. So easy.
kayni said…
i'm with you on the longanisa and garlic rice, and i'm with you in prayers for your frustrations. you'll get through it and it will pass. things that makes us cry only makes us stronger, so cheer up, wear a smile and face what's ahead.
Andrea said…
I hope you get thru it very well, be positive all the time. Accdg to the husband and wife Hicks in their Law of Attraction, your thoughts and feelings attract the same. Good feelings are the way to get success in whatever! BTW. i share with you the love for that dish, however it is very expensive here. My last taste of that wonderful raw salmon is in EDSA Makati and that is free, hehe! It is not very commonly available.

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