Buster's Corner on Cats on Tuesday

Yesterday, May 16th, was my birthday. My FIRST birthday. I'll show you how I spent my day:

buster 1
I ate like 25 times that day :)

I'm Cold!
Slept cuddled in blanket - it was a rainy cold day in May in California - go figure!

12-31-2010 004
I played with my favorite toys - plastic bag and mousie.

someone's hiding.
Played hide and seek.

01-29-11 mexico cruise 008
Lounged about with my fave magazine. [sorry about the image, mommy is trying her hand at editing photos. here she tries to put gausian blur on the back ground. mommy needs more practice.]

sf giants 001
And when mommy came from work - I got the best belly rub EVER!!! My birthday rocked!!! Needless to say I also was treated with extra helpings of treats. Happy birthday to me!!!!

I am linking to CATS ON TUESDAY.


witsandnuts said…
I like your photo edit of buster with the magazine. :) And I can see myself on last photo. I should join this meme.
kayni said…
buster had a busy birthday :)
Srivats said…
Very happy birthday, may your days be lazy foodful and full of belly rubs :)
Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you had a very nice day! Our cats like cuddling under blankets and playing hide-n-seek too.
Barbara said…
It looks like a perfect day! Happy Birthday xx
We love LUNA said…
wow Happy Happy Happy Birthday, I love your pictures, you are so sweet!
purrs and love
Ginger said…
I LOVE the cuddling under the covers one and the last one....so sweet.
Josiet said…
Happy birthday to Buster. I sure wish I could 25 times on my birthay too. Haha!
Happy Birthday Buster! Thanks for stopping by our blog, it's so wonderful to meet you!

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