Another Weekend That Whizzed By

I was planning on blogging last evening but change of plans prevented me from doing so.  As usual weekends are full of activities or chores.  I see that on blogosphere, my fellow bloggers were doing some cleaning up.  As did I.  Here's a list of what my weekend consisted of:
  • Saturday was devoted to cleaning and gardening.  Husband and a hired help pulled out weeds (hubs took out his weed whacker - his toy) and made my front yard pretty decent.  They also planted on the front yard some of the potted kalanchoe plants that we have for years now. Glad they finally got planted on the ground.  Also the rose bush that we dug up and brought here when we moved almost two years ago went into the ground as well. 
  • I vacuumed the downstairs while the two cats stayed upstairs.  They are afraid of vacuum and hair dryer.  I think it's the loud noise that spook them.
  • We finally got out of the house about 5:30 pm for some shopping.  Our first stop was Best Buy to check on the DSLRs.  I already purchased one online and in a matter of days it will be in my hands (yay).  Next was Costco, but we forgot that this warehouse closes early on the weekends so when we got there it was closed.  Final stop was Fry's electronics for more DSLR checking to make sure we made a good buy.  And oh, we had to stop by and buy some groceries too.  Luckily 99 Ranch Market is in the same center as Frys. 
  • Sunday was as busy.  Church first.  After the service, the congregation stayed to clean out (weed, sweep, prune) the garden, which was fun.  Hotdogs and chips followed. 
  • Before heading home from church, I convinced hubby to swing by Walmart to pick up some treats for the cats.  Today, May 16th is Buster's first birthday and I intend to spoil them rotten with some extra treats today.
  • And a weekend is not complete without a stop at Home Depot.  My husband always find something he needs in Home Depot.
  • Then it was more vacuuming and cleaning and laundry.  Fun weekend right?
  • By 4 pm, back to church we went for a talk and slide show on Israel-Palestine conflict.  For someone like me who is ignoramus about this long-standing feud, this session was very educational.  I intend to read up more on this.
  • The talk ran long, it was 6 pm when we arrived home and we were expecting our friends for dinner.  Hurriedly I put something on the pan and husband kept the microwave working. Luckily we had everything planned - only reheating is needed.  We weren't home for 10 minutes when our friends showed up and a lovely evening was had by all.  No wine, but beer was the beverage of choice for the evening. 
  • And my weekend ended with the two-hour season finale of Desperate Housewives on the tube and I was cramming for a post for my photo blog. 
  • The End.


kayni said…
same here, it was house cleaning and backyard gardening. i'm planted the snow peas and green beans on my garden. i think this coming weekend will be spent vacuuming upstairs bedrooms. so many things to do so little time.

happy birthday, buster :)
Srivats said…
Weekends and cleaning are always best buds :) glad to know you brought a new dslr, Congrats! Once arrive please take some shots of your lovely garden for us :)

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