Street Photography #9

Nevada City

Some thoughts:
  • Our anniversary trip went as planned, and the hotel we stayed in was really niiiice!  A 4-star hotel and we got it quite cheap because of Travelzoo discount.  The hotel was centrally located in the downtown area, walking distance to almost everything.  We walked to the farmers market - a block away - and reached the Old Fisherman's Wharf for a little sightseeing without taking the car out of the garage.  Plus the hotel room was beautiful and it has windows with window seating looking out to the plaza and the wharf. (I better go back here!) Also included in the package was a 3-course dinner for two.  The food was spectacular and the portions are humongous.  The ambiance was cozy and old worldly.  The lobby is just to die for.  Needless to say I was blown away by this hotel and spa.  After all I am a budget traveler and I veer myself away from accommodations that has a star attached to it like an asterisk.  But I'm glad we stayed here this time.
  • The planned luncheon at RED HOUSE CAFE didn't materialize, because there was a line outside waiting to be seated.  I didn't want to wait.  I thought it was a waste of time.  So we drove around and thought we'd go get either Afghan food or Mediterranean food.  Instead we passed by this small hole in the wall PAPRICA CAFE that serves delicious Lebanese food.  After sampling some Lebanese food the evening before at the farmer's market, our appetite was whetted for more of these delicious flavors.  It was a great idea to skip American food via Red House Cafe and venture off farther into the road towards Monterey and without plan stop here.  Needless to stay we were fed well for a small price.  I'm sure I'll post the pictures somehow.
  • I am contemplating on creating a new blog - a separate one for Buster and Emma. 
  • No plans for this three-day weekend, although we have been invited to a bbq at my husband's co-worker's house.  They bought the house a few months ago and I think this shindig will be like a housewarming kind. 
  • I'm having surgery again, this time on an out-patient basis.  Hopefully, no complications will arise. 


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