It's almost 11 pm Sunday night and tomorrow is Memorial Day - a federal holiday which means we don't go to work, and here I am blogging about something from my Barcelona trip from November 2009.

I was moving my albums from one external drive to another - a bigger one that's 1 terabyte capacity - when I aimlessly opened one of the albums and the image of food popped on the screen.  My husband who's reading the papers in bed and watching tv and surfing at the same time glanced at where I am (he's behind me) and immediately recognized the image on the pc.

Did you know that we stayed in a dormitory in Barcelona for 3 days?  We were looking for a bargain, since we were afraid that we'd bust our budget on a 3 week Europe vacation.

The choice to stay in a dorm was better than staying in a hostel for us.  The dorm was located inside the University of Barcelona Mundet campus - easily accessible by subway.

We have our own room, a  large room in fact with two beds, a tv, small ref, and the bathroom was furnished with towels and little soap.

Apparently here families come to visit and they stay in this part of the building.  The private rooms were separate from the accommodations used by the students.  So while you hear all the ruckus (music to my ears) in the "living room" once you take the hallway to the private rooms, it's pretty quiet and you'd actually forget you live in a dorm.  Many post grad students stay here too.  As a matter of fact I have seen many families stay there while we were there.

Another good thing aside from the affordable price is that it includes free breakfast.  The dining room is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  But only breakfast was included in the price.

What a buffet it was - one side is all bread of different kinds, crusty bread, rolls, savory kinds and even plain sliced white bread.  There is an area for meats, but the most enjoyable was the bacon, it's totally different and tasty. It wasn't crunchy like the ones back home but soft and a little greasy, but not the greasy kind like we know.  Then there are fruits to choose from and omelets and cereals.  And their coffee machine is to die for.  It's a vending machine kind but it makes the best coffee.  I o'd on the coffee - cafe au lait. 

I couldn't find the rest of the images I took of the spread, what I found were the plates we savored.  Enjoy!





Would you consider staying in a dorm while traveling?


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