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Oh noes....

Yap I did it again. I was unable to sustain every day blogging. Why do I even try.

This recent violation saw me missed 5 blogging days in a row. I don't know what happened. Well that's not true. I knew what happened to some of the days, but the first 2 days I cannot remember what prevented me from blogging.

Since my senile brain is unable to recall Thursday and Friday, let me tell you what a hectic but wonderful day Saturday was.

It was my dad's birthday and although he had passed on 3 decades ago, we still remember him. This time around though through the insistence of mom we got together at home to pray, except that mom said she already prayed the novena 9 days before dad's birthday. So we ended up just hanging together for lunch at a Chinese buffet.

I was so happy to be hanging out with my brothers - all 4 of them - all at the same time. There was good food too. Too much for that matter.

When lunch was over we drove back home and chatted at the backyard and they started catching up. Funny how our lives are so busy that we need times like this to catch up with one's family. The irony of it all is that we all live within a 10-mile radius of each other, well maybe 7 miles.

I hated to cut my time with brothers short but we had to head out for church for the monthly night out. We were feeding about 30 people who signed up for our DINNER AND A MOVIE night. We played THE LIFE OF PI and our menu was pie-ta chips with hummus, pie-na colada, and shepherd's pie with apple pie for dessert. Another fun night with people.

Sunday was nice. With another couple we drove to Napa for some leaf peeping. Fall is not at peak yet, but there was plenty of colors to be seen. We enjoyed the outing.

I was off Monday again, you know too much vacay time that it is imperative I take time off. I ran errands with mom and then spent a good chunk of the afternoon editing photos. By evening when hubby got home from work, we went to get cat food and his costume at Party City.

They say Halloween is a 7 billion industry and I saw how. Party City was jampacked with people getting their costumes. I lost my hubby more than once. His group at work decided they were to dress as SMURFS. We were hunting for Smurf hat and blue paint. I found the paint, but no hat. There wasn't anything SMURFS related on the shelves, such a shame. When we saw the long line to the cashier we abandoned the body paint and left for home hungry.

It's madness, people going overboard for Halloween.

I told the hubs maybe one year we'll host a cocktail Halloween party so we all could dress up.

So that's what's been happening in my absence here. Feel bad that I didn't complete this daily blogging exercise.


witsandnuts said…
Naku, lalo na ako valedictorian sa absence sa blogosphere! Btw, did you like Life of Pi?

I'm happy that I'm able to blog again although not that prolific yet as it used to be. That seems ages ago. ;)

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