Daily October (2)

Got the surprise of my life yesterday. Had taken the day off to accompany mom for greencard renewal. Her interview was set in Oakland. They no longer have it in the downtown office; they now have it near the airport, which was good since there is available parking and it's easy to go - after you've battled your way out of the traffic jams from 80 to 880.

Anyway, as I have said I had taken the day off because I really don't know how long it would take and just in case an emergency arises I don't need to be worrying about going back to work.

Our appointment was 9:00 am. We arrived about 8:40is. It was quick. The process was greased lightning. Pain free, hassle free. She was called upon arrival to the next desk where her expired green card was slapped with a sticker signifying the extension of the said card to another 9 months. 5 minutes max - that's all it took then we were headed to the fingerprinting and taking of pictures. Another 5-7 minutes.

I commend the job done by the USCIS to facilitate the processing of renewals.

By the way, I have downloaded the form online and sent it out with the renewal payment ($450) and a couple of weeks or so I got the appointment letter in the mail.

How about DMV....is there still a long wait?


Kayni said…
you know, i just renewed my driver's license online and it should be arriving soon through mail. i think it's wonderful.
madretz said…
coincidentally, I had to go to the DMV today! I made an appointment online and it was painless. The hardest part was finding a parking space. I was in and out in 1/2 hr. The line w/o an appointment went out the door and partially wrapped around the building.

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