Daily October (1)

Here I am again attempting to write daily for a month. Keeping my fingers crossed this will happen.

Let me begin this project by writing about my success in the kitchen today. I attempted to make "ginisang ampalaya" or sauteed bitter melon with shrimps. I'm all thumbs in the kitchen, so this is a victory for me. This would be the first successful thing I cooked that I could remember.

I've made some wonderful dishes before, but everything lacked something. Salt is the most common lacking in my previous dishes. This time around though I aced it. Hubby even gave it two thumbs up! My mother was really impressed and I had the gall to tell her that I learned to cook without getting any help from her.

My mother was a great cook. She fed us with wonderful dishes when I was growing up. In her advancing years, she lost her mojo in cooking and in sewing - two trades she was really good at when she had all her faculties.

She taught me how to sew and use the sewing machine. BUT she never taught me how to cook. Hence, today makes me more hopeful about my abilities in the kitchen.

Next up.....I'll attempt to bake a scone.


madretz said…
Congrats on your successful ampalaya! That word is totally familiar to me, I remember my mom making that. I never acquired the taste for bitter melon, but I love seeing it in Chinatown...brings back good memories even though I don't eat it. I think it's a cool looking vegetable. Fruit?

Thanks for the tips on kakanin. It'll be a while before I make it again, but I'll make sure to find sweet rice. Duh...with Chinatown right there, it shouldn't be hard for me to find it right?

PS: If you ever get into crafting, I get together w/ friends every other month in the east bay. Let me know if you're interested.

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