Daily October (14)

As I was writing yesterday's post, hubby was taking a nap with the kitties, a common sighting on Sundays we decide to stay in. Nothing was unusual with that. When they awoke I was reading Twilight, he played red dot (laser) with Buster then we fixed dinner.

After dinner we all went upstairs in the bedroom instead of hanging out in the family room. I went straight to the computer desk to edit some photos. He went straight to bed and we watched some of the tv shows we follow. Later I noted that he was all curled up in bed. And he was shivering. I sprang out from the chair and was on his side quickly. I felt his forehead and he was burning up. Holy cow! Hubs had a fever. He told me he already took some pills but didn't kick in. He asked for Nyquil cold and flu and I gave him 2 pills. He took them and then I put a cold compress on his forehead. He slept while I kept watch, at the same time I caugth up with my recorded shows - Revenge and The Good Wife. When I felt his temp was going down I slept.

Woke up to find him only a little lukewarm. Went to fix him breakfast in bed, then I went out to run errands with mom. We both took a day off today prior to him having a fever.

Upon my return he was out of bed, dressed in his sweats and was ready to drive me to get my car's oil changed.

At the dealership, Fernando my man in service, was just telling another customer he can't take her car today because they were full. I could see the line of cars to service. I spoke briefly with Fernando and tried to sweet talk him into taking my car, but I knew when to push it and when to pull back. This was time to pull back.

Then the hubby proclaimed: Let's see a movie today. I hear Gravity is really good.

I looked at him quizzically and he smiled, "You always complained I'm not spontaneous!"

Gravity's showing is scheduled at 4:45 pm.

We had time to grab lunch. Subway footlong for that. We parked in the cinema parking lot and split a footlong. I ate my sandwich while reading Twilight.

Gravity is a wonderful movie. Sandra Bullock is fabulous. It's very rare to have a movie with only 2 characters and they make the movie work. Kudos!

Hurried home to fix dinner. Was thinking of proper dinner, but I wasn't too hungry and just like him I was feeling fluish. Plus we have burger buns (homemade) thawing. So dinner tonite was burger and zinfandel, perfect combination. Only ate the bread around my burger and left all the meat on my plate.

I just let you in on my offline life.


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