Daily October (22)

I'm a few pages away from finishing New Moon, the second of 4 Twilight books. I don't know about the reviews for this book or the movie for that matter, but the fact that I'm tackling these books long after all the hullaballoo is quite lunatic on my part.

However, there was something about the Twilight movie that made me long to read the books. I like it when a story is narrated/seen from the protagonist's point of view.

The thing I liked about the first book is that it's an easy read. I liked the pacing of the story on the first two books.

In the movies I belonged to team Edward. But when I read New Moon, I couldn't help but switch sides to team Jacob. In the books Jacob was written so appealingly. In the books I never liked the Edward character. But I liked him in the movie version.

Anyway I am enjoying the story so much that I read the two books in 3 days, well almost done with the second one, which is a record. Well at least now that's a record. I used to devour books a long time ago. However, I do not have the 3rd book Eclipse, which may delay my reading the whole saga. I don't want to skip a book; I'll see if there's a copy of Eclipse in the library.

In between these books I read Sidney Sheldon. I'm trying to read Sheldo again because I want to analyze what it is about his stories, his writings, his characters that resonated with me and appealed so much to my sensibilities.

I remember in college or something we would read his book and put the characters under microscope and identify all the psychological fibers/abnormalities of their persona. It was a fun activity to do after reading the books. Of course we were all psychology majors pretending to know more than we do. I hope this time around after reading the books I can dissect the characters better than I did back in the day and that I can understand the reasons behind why the characters do the things they do or why they did in such a way and not another way.


madretz said…
I was team jacob all the way. till about book/movie 3, the saga started getting a little too silly for me and i switched to team alice, just because. i enjoyed book 1, book 2 was pretty good, book 3 i only read 1/4 of it and decided to watch the movies instead. I'm the slowest reader in the world, i think it took me 4-6 months to read each book, so when book 3 didn't grab me, I set it down and went exclusively movie. that happened to me w/ the harry potter books, too. never made it though book 5 so the movies provided my entertainment to the storyline. Though I did read all 3 Hunger Games books and looking forward to the 2nd movie in November.

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