A Few Good Reads

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Here are a few of the blogs I've been stalking, er reading, that are worth sharing.


If you like to eat out and shop in the metro, be sure to check this out. It is full of beautiful pictures of food and fashion. But it's not all that. The blogger, Jane, mother of three, is hilarious in her storytelling of being a mom and a wife. You'd fall in love with her just like I did. I read her entire blog in a few short days. Must read, really. Plus for an expat like me, it's a great way to get reacquainted with the hometown - eating and shopping wise.


Cute kitties.....need I say more? If you need a picker upper that doesn't contain caffeine, but works better than caffeine, then this is your must-read. No denying that cute kitties gives our day a boost. Laurie works with the humane society helping them raise money (the famous IBKC telethon) in addition to fostering the kitties. Check it out.


If kitteh is not your thing, but architecture is especially Victorian architecture, then this photo blog is the must visit for you. It is a great place to gawk at ornate, fancy, whimsical, fantabulous, historic, rich, decadent, incredible Victorian houses. I spend a lot of time looking at dream houses.


Gastronomic adventures in glossy images await the readers of Jin Loves To Eat. She eats and eats and still is slim and fit. Life is unfair *grin*. Although her dining exploits are mostly centered on the Asian cuisines, she features the dishes beautifully.


I've been a lurker/reader for a while now of this fabulous once-a-month blog. He writes the way I like to be able to write someday and he takes pictures the way I dreamed of taking pictures. I want him to be my blog sensei. The way he tells stories, straight to the point, funny and succinct. I'd like to see how his mind works when he goes on photo walks because the compositions and the things he photographed normally aren't the same subjects that would interest me, but seeing it on his blog in b/w or wonderful colors I can't help but be awed. I'm a big fan. Check him out.


Kayni said…
these blogs are great. i have been overwhelmed lately. i haven't picked up my camera in a long time and my blog is feeling abandoned. i hope to be back in full swing at some point.
madretz said…
I read Nik's blog, too. Lurker as well, I've never posted a comment on his or his wife's blog. They both take great photos of SF and the Bay Area.

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