Still here

Another week has gone by and no post.

The past week was busy. Our church's main annual fundraiser was last Saturday and you know that there wouldn't be any posting on Friday, or Saturday, or even Sunday for that matter. The event was big enough to be very exhausting. While I spent most of the Saturday prepping for the event and/or in the event working the tills, Sunday was devoted to Lifetime TV for Women and editing photographs. We don't have the official tally, but I'm not positive we made more money than last year, or even equaled last year's take. Still, we continue to learn as the years go by.

What was really inspiring with this year's fundraiser was how the parents of the kids from the Conservatory of Arts (Music) supported the event, from selling tickets and raffle tickets to helping out in the kitchen during the event. Their presence was big on the night of the event. It was wonderful to be working alongside the parents. Afterall, this fundraiser benefits both the church and the conservatory. With all the budget cuts in schools these days, money for music programs are difficult to come by and so we try to help out these kids as much as possible.

A graduate of the high school from last year's Conservatory of Arts attended the event and even played piano. While people mill about sampling one scrumptious chocolate confection to another, the kids from the music program play beautiful music from jazz to standards.

The weather cooperated somewhat. The days were hot leading to the event, but cooled down a bit, just a bit, for the event. We had fans in four corners of the room and the windows were all open to let the breeze in.

We were afraid the chocolates would melt with the heat, but they didn't, thank heavens!

And so one big job done. What's next?

In a month I'm going to hop on a plane to complete a personal project. I've been toying about blogging about it daily. I'll be gone for about 10 days minimum. I just hope I have free internet where I'm going.

In the meantime, this weekend, we have a date with another couple. Back to Napa we go with a wine tasting in the afternoon and an early dinner at my fave tapas place. Okay so I've only been to this restaurant once before, but I really like the ambiance and the food and the service. It's not the lack of interest that prevented me from coming back again and again to this restaurant, it's the budget that should be blamed. Eating out can make a big dent to one's household budget, so we try not to indulge too much in this activity we love so much - eating out.


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