Somewhere I heard, that vacations last longer than they usually are because of the photographs we took. Personally, I don't get to enjoy the vacation when I'm on vacation because I'm somehow pressed to go to this spot, see this attraction, buy this souvenir or sample this delicacy. I don't really just breathe in the sea breeze or the mountain air and sit in a rocker or boulder and enjoy the vista. I do that long after I've gone back home. Memories of my stay at the beautiful Mountain Paradise Resort in Arenal, Costa Rica.








The rooms are in small houses/cabins and laid out all over a well-manicured lawns with gardens that I'm sure required many gardeners to maintain. I was sad to leave the place, because it was just relaxing and peaceful out there, not to mention a total immersion to nature. Every room I believe has a jacuzzi at the back patio/porch area that has a clear view of the main attraction in this part of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano.

We were too busy exploring nature (volcano and waterfalls) that we didn't have time to enjoy the hotel and its grounds.


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