Ready for Chocolate Extravaganza Fundraiser

The annual fundraiser at church is this Saturday, June 22. This being its 3rd year in existence, the preparations are less hectic than the first year. You cannot imagine the number of meetings we had planning the fundraiser. We were meeting like weekly starting in January. And the event was June.

Anyway, in addition to the more relaxed atmosphere overall, personally I am more relaxed heading into the fundraiser. I will again be in tandem with Susan manning the cash register. I hope we will be busy all night long.

And so I planned last night to be our "making chocolate" night. So we made our chocolate concoctions last night. I even photographed my finished products. They look good, they even look yummy. They were yummy, we sampled one piece each.

The hubby made some desserts this year. He passed last year, but he made one in year one. Last night he made two kinds, a fudge and a chocolate carrot cake. Mine is a crunchy apricot chocolate delight. I got the recipe online, but made revisions left and right, you wouldn't recognize the original recipe. It might as well be an original Maria recipe.

I wasn't too stressed making the chocolates this year. Unlike last year when I was feeling so overwhelmed. Must be the fact that last year I made my entry on a Friday and the event was Saturday.

That was the main reason why I scheduled making chocolates this year on a Wednesday instead of the eve of the event just so there's plenty of time for the chocolate to chill. In addition, if and when there are chocolate emergencies where the creations are total disasters there will be enough time to fix or make a new batch. I'm glad I learned my lesson last year.

But I thought I would be able to blog last night, after making the chocolates and cleaning up after, but I was too tired to do anything. My back was killing me and so I joined Buster (my orange cat) in the living room and stretched out on the couch. I cannot even remember the tv program I was watching while waiting for hubby to finish baking his masterpiece. When we were finally able to go upstairs in the bedroom, the 11 o'clock news was well underway.


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