Happy Father's Day

No celebration today. My dad has passed and my hubby is not a father yet. But the day is so pleasant that after church and after helping an elderly lady friend of ours we met up with friends of ours with their two kids for a little hike. We hiked here (photo taken rom another visit, a year ago)


In the photograph, the grass is still green, now it's all brown and we saw signs of controlled burn. We even hiked higher, farther, and longer than ever. It was really a nice alternative to just sitting in the couch watching Lifetime Television for Women.

No kidding right?

So the 6 of us went from one hill to another enjoying a clear day giving us all access view of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. What a nice day.

Then one time we went farther and knew we had to backtrack a bit because we went too far and our cars are like two hills away, hahahaha. But we didn't want to backtrack, because that's a long way. Instead there's a very steep short cut so we took it. I suck up my fear of heights, some of the trails are really narrow and one slip you'll tumble back down. We were high up there. I'm so thankful that my knees didn't wobble in fear. Well, it must have been the presence of 5-year-old boy J who made me summon some courage to finish the descent despite some scary patches in the trail.

We started at 4 pm, came down at 6 pm so that's a good two hours climbing. Then we decided to cool off a bit at the little beach nearby. It was 8 pm by the time we got home. A worthwhile Sunday it is.


DaPHne LAura said…
Wow I admire your stamina. I'm not an outdoor person if I had to climb/hike that long, I would surely be a puddle of sweat and melting from exhaustion. he he he

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