After all these years, I'm still shy.

Lately my favorite thing to do is bloghop. I had some free time and I just wanted to see what people are posting in the blogosphere. Many have tackled the age-old topic, WHY DO I BLOG? I don't think I'm going to tackle that here. I'm just not. Not right now at least. I really have to figure out why I started blogging in the first place. What's more appropriate topic is have I gotten the results I wanted from blogging? As I was walking down the hall today it suddenly dawned on me that I did not get the results that I initially expected from blogging. This blog specifically. I have other blogs aside from this.

I was expecting to be more open and sharing about my feelings, my opinions, my views - given that this platform gives me anonymity. Shyness have always been my foe. I don't think it's because of my birth order. Last-borns are known to be quiet and more fun loving; not opinionated, although I've met some who falls into that category.

Alas, not even hiding behind the computer screen would make be divulge my true feelings. I guess when you're shy, you're just plain shy. Do I have opinions? Sure I do. I remember one time I had this fierce opinion about transportation solution that I voiced to the hubby. He commended me saying it's a great idea, why don't I write my senator and congressman about it. Seriously?

Well that's all I wanted to say today. Tomorrow's another day, another month. May June be good to all of us. Happy summer!!!!!


Josiet said…
Up to now, I still don't know your name :)

I wanna say, thank you for visiting my blog occasionally and leaving a comment. I do appreciate it.

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