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Another performance night is over for American Idol. The top 11 performed Elton John songs last night and most of them did a fantastic job, in my opinion.

My top three based on the performance:
1. James Durbin
2. Casey Abrams
3. Lauren Alaina

Note: I don't know what it is, but Pia Toscano has started to rub me the wrong way. Is it her perfectionist way of singing? Is it her ballad heavy repertoire week after week? Is it her perfect teeth and lovely face and silky long hair? I don't know. But she just fell off my fave wagon.

The bottom three based on performance:
1. Stefano Langone
2. Naima Adedapo
3. Thia Megia

Note: I hate to see Thia in my bottom three but she has not shown any personality in the contest so far. Her voice could only carry her so far. She needs to bring in a total package. I hope that the votes will save her, but for now and until she develops a go-get-it attitude, she will be off my fave list :)

In another Wednesday show, TOP CHEF ALL STARS had their finale last night and Richard Blais was crowned the TOP CHEF. Good for him.

It's hard to be totally happy, since my fave chefs, Dale Talde and Angelo Sosa, were eliminated earlier.


scudinreallife said…
I loved casey's performance but I am no fan of James, Alaina, and Pia. Haha.

I love Haley's too. And you're right, Thia has not shown any personality. Sana naging maangas ang dating niya. :)

Happy week!
witsandnuts said…
Thia lacked the personality, but the voice is really amazing. I'm a fan of Casey (for his brilliance) and Scotty (for the teeny face value). :)

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