One Joyful Year

March 30, 2010. The day started as it had always been for the past two weeks. Being sidelined, recovering from a surgery, I knew I would spend the day by getting a little sun in the backyard, granted it wasn't too cold. And I would spend most of the time taking it easy - watching tv and blogging/bloghopping.

I knew that I had to make a life-changing decision before the day was over. Hubs and I made a decision and there was no turning back from that decision. We had reached the point of no return. Yet I wasn't 100% sure inside as I pretended to be outside.

Still, I dove in. Que sera sera!

her first pix - day after her adoption.
Emma's first picture - taken March 31, 2010

You came home with us that night. Spent the first few minutes under the bed. I let you sniff the downstairs living area. After that everything is fuzzy.

Except when it was time to sleep, you jumped into bed and cuddled up with my legs and slept in between them. That's where you sleep ever since.
hey beautiful.

You made me a cat person, Emma. You are such a good cat. A very entertaining cat. A perfect companion. You knew when I need you on my lap and when I need you to stay beside me so I can have the laptop on my lap instead. We were so pleased with the experience that 7 months after we got you, we wanted another one and got your brother Buster.

Since we didn't know your exact birthday and the shelter told us that you were 2 years old when we adopted you, your dad and I agreed to make your adoption day your birthday. So today, March 30, 2011, my dear Emma you are 3 years old. You are going to get a LOT of treats today my darling.
Sssh, Emma's trying to sleep.

I don't know how life was before I had a cat, honestly. Now I understand why cat owners seemed cookie/crazy to noncat owners :)

Oh joy!


kayni said…
Happy Birthday, Emma! Hugs from DC. I love her second photo.

I can't wait to get my own dog soon and I've also been considering a cat as well. I've been looking at the animal shelter for a possible adoption. I hope there's a match soon.

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