End of Weekend Thoughts

The weekend is almost over.  Basically it is over.  These weekends are never long enough and next week is even shorter on account of the time change. 

I've been quite stressed out lately. I don't know why, but I think I am also hormonal.  Good combination eh? 

Anyway, we had some rain this weekend, again.  Yap, this winter was a rainy one.  Winter is almost over and I haven't been to the snow yet.  Been planing since January, but it's first weekend of March and no trip has been planned.  Next week is not possible either as my nephew is hosting a Housewarming Party.  I cannot believe it.  I didn't realize he was even looking at home ownership, but he and his partner are now mortgage payer.  And I'm dying to check out their new home, a townhouse, near the international market, which means they are so close to tuyo, tinapa, and other Asian goodies.

There is something exciting that I did this weekend.  After church today my hubs and I went straight to Oakland to support Oakland Museum's White Elephant Sale.  A warehouse full of goodies.  They have everything, electronics, books and music and videos, jewelry, paintings and lithographs and photographs, clothing, furniture, and dishes and cups and mugs - everything.  And today after 12 noon, everything is 50% off.

Here's what I got in my shopping bag - 4 different kinds of bells [thought I'd start a collection of bells], a jack-in-the-box lamp [which we are hoping would be worth something in the future], 2 lithographs that we are hoping would be worth something again in the future.  Hubs even googled the artist before we paid for them.  This is the time I really am thankful for the new fangled phones that connect you online. 

I was hoping I could get a piece of jewelry, but I couldn't get close to the glass cases.  Three people deep were in the jewelry section, so I just decided to forego it and check out something else. 

I really appreciate fundraisers like this.  Oakland Museum is a wonderful place to visit and I fully support it. 

The sale is so popular that we had to park four blocks away.  I hope next year they'd have another one.


kassidy's notes said…
spring is a great time for garage sales and big flea markets here. i can't wait. oh gosh, this weekend it really poured here for two days.

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