Food Craving Wednesday

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I thought it would be nice to have another segment here.  A food craving day.  Not that I cook.  Nope.  In our household my husband is the chef, and I the sous chef - a lofty title for the chopper, dicer, slicer person. But I don't mind.  First my husband truly enjoys cooking.  Second, when he's stressed, cooking gives him comfort and relaxation.  And I get to enjoy the product of his relaxation.  Isn't that a great deal?

Anyway, once upon a time when I used to work in Emeryville, I'd frequent the Emerybay Public Market.  This is where I would get Moroccan Pastilla - like a siopao but different.  I googled the recipe and found out that it is traditionally a pigeon dish.  Here in the states, they use chicken.  I would love to taste pigeon, I never had before.

If you want to try this recipe, click here, and let me know how it tastes. 


kayni said…
looks yummy. i'd love to try this recipe...but that's after i perfect the pandesal recipe. my attempt to make pandesal last weekend didn't come out right, so i'm trying again this weekend.
Josiet said…
Looks really yummy and sinful haha! I'd love to try that recipe too.

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