I Haven't Rambled in A While

So here is my rambling in bullets:
  • Last Friday, March 18th we had a full blown storm - ala PI - with thunder, lightning, hail, strong winds, and power outage.  Hubby was ecstatic to feel the home feel again, reading newspaper by flashlight.  Buster was freaked out.  Could not figure where all the rumbling was coming from. Backyard went white from all the hail.
  • Went to see BATTLE LOS ANGELES. Wanted to see the new Matt Damon movie but changed our minds at the last minute.  Wasn't bad, in fact quite entertaining for a war/action movie.
  • Had adobong pusit and plain white rice - take out lunch from local Pinoy resto, CABALEN.  Totally enjoyed my lunch yesterday.
  • Looks like our friends are dragging us to the Central Coast soon.  I haven't even posted the photos I took from our 2 night 3 day stay from November and here I am about to go.  We'll see they might change their minds and opt for Yosemite instead. Either destination, I would not care.  Both are spectacularly scenic in their own rights.
  • Would be very busy at work.  Looks like I'd be putting in OT for a few weeks in the coming days.  I can almost feel the heavy weight of that Canon DSLR in my hands.  Husband warns me not to spend the OT money before I earned it.  Wise guy, isn't he?
  • I am just loving the new batch of judges on AMERICAN IDOL.  Jennifer is so insightful and so supportive of the contestants.  I heart her!
  • And I just adore Steven Tyler's beautiful eyes when he listens to the contestants perform.
  • James Durbin's for real, isn't he?  Easy on the eyes too :)
  • Antonia just got sabotaged by her "cousin" Mike.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you ain't watching TOP CHEF ALL STARS.
  • The radio just played HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN, the version by Rod Stewart.  I really really love that song. 
That's all I have to say for now.


Josiet said…
I am loving JLo too. She's been really helpful with the contestants. Agree about James Durbin. I didn't like him before but I've had a change of heart. Liking Scotty too hihi
kayni said…
I do agree...JLo is doing well at AI.

I've been wanting to see that Matt Damon movie but haven't had the time. We're expecting snow this weekend; it's supposed to be spring here :(.
witsandnuts said…
I'm not a J Lo fan, but with AI, she's really glowing and judging rightfully!

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