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There is nothing much to write about, but something inside me tells I should write something.  I fear if I don't post something and let this sit idle I'd lose my momentum and interest. 

Needless to say I have been busy - both at and out of workplace.  Been to the church meeting after work last night.  Was assigned to be the graphic artist, sort of, this big fundraiser we are planning for June.  That means I have to design the flyer (done - final edit last night), poster (have a draft that need to be tinkered), donation letter (also given final go by committee last night), and tickets (which I will start working on tonight).  That's not the end of my duties. I  think I may have to also produce a programme that must be submitted closer to the event date.

Honestly I was overwhelmed by the responsibility.  I know a little bit about designing flyers but nothing compared to the magnitude of this job.  You see I have no artistic bone in my body.  I cannot even draw straight lines.  I cannot mix and match colors.  I simply am the "wrong" fit for this job.  But the task fell onto my lap and I went with it.  Scoured the internet for template designs, emailed people for help and/or permission to use their flickr image.  It was really a big job. 

Thankfully a fellow blogger that I avidly follow since the very beginning of my blogging days - she inspired me to put out a blog when I read her posts - mentioned in her blog that she is doing her church's fundraising flyers and other graphics.  She is a professional graphic artist.  She was an answer to my prayers.  I emailed her for inspiration, she emailed me back with material I could use and did use.  God's presence!

My participation in this undertaking is almost over and I haven't enjoyed the experience.  I reached that realization today.  When the task first came to my desk I was a bit surly.  Yes it added to the things I needed to do outside of work.  Work has been pretty draining this year, too many things to do, and the last thing I wanted to do when I came home is to do some more work.  That is how I approached the job. 

A co-worker asked me why I had a frown the day after I got the job.  I told her about the assignment I got from the church fundraising and how inept I was at this project.  She told me then that the way to approach this was to think that I'd be doing something for God and put all my efforts into it.  The results would be coming from God.

Why didn't I listen to her when she said think that this is for God.  I never did that. I had some resentments early on because I was doing it for the committee, which is not the case.  Oh well.  I should take a 180 on this and start enjoying the ride.  I shall again do the same thing next year.  Not my idea.  That was brought up last night too, that this would become an annual thingy - but I already designed the flyer and the logo. Only the dates would be changed in the coming years. 

Anyway, I was planning on joining Miss Kayni's giveaway.  First because I truly love freebies.  And most importantly, the prizes are truly lovely.  But the tickets need to be generated tonight, so I pass for now.  Till next giveaway.

Before I forget our weekend had been glorious - weather wise.  I could not find anything to complain about.  We had sun, breeze, and glorious 70F.  Bay denizens who had to endure steady rain for weeks and weeks were flapping their wings like free birds and went outdoors to enjoy the sun.

We pulled weeds both days, though looking out in the garden, front and back, it needs more than our efforts combined could give.  We are asking a guy - jack-of-all-trades - our guy to come and help us with anything that needs fixing around the house.  He can lay out tiles and wood flooring and also do some gardening. 

On Sunday was my burger day. No plan for a burger.  But we were scheduled to visit with our friends, an elderly couple who asked for burgers.  We often bring them some eats when we go and visit with them.  During these visits we eat together and then we asked them what we could do for them.  They're old and had been very sickly over the past 2-3 years. In fact the husband just got out of the hospital again.  He has been the one sick with this and that thing.  They only have one son, who hasn't really gotten control of his life.  So he's not even stable enough to support/look after his parents (emotionally that is not to mention financially).  That's why we take it upon ourselves to peek in once in a while and see how they're doing - in addition to the phone calls.

When we left their house, we decided to go walk a bit.  After all there's a burger that needs to be burned.  Our choice of park to walk is called Eastshore State Park.  We don't come here often since this is located along the very busy Interstate 80, one that is crowded even on weekends.  So we avoid coming this way.

However, since we were in the neighborhood and the sun was out we went here.  Normally this would be too cold to walk being too close to the water.  But Sunday was terrific. I was wearing short sleeves and I was fine. 

Furthermore the reason we wanted to visit is to see if the outdoor museum is still there.  Refuse, trash, and whatever washes up on the shore some artistic hands create works of art and they stand out near the water.  Every local knows about this and enjoy this part.  I cannot remember if there are new items - I will post my entry about this on my other blog. 

But here enjoy some of the things I found on the net about this place.  Here is one. Here is a writeup. And photos.  Remember to wait for my entry on my photo blog.


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