Pen not Ten

Soooo busy with the start of this week - Holy Week.  I miss taking this week off, ala PI.

Anyway, last night as we were getting ready for bed, my husband handed me $10 bill.  I thought he could read my mind.  You see we allot only ten dollars for our weekly allowance - we agreed to that amount - as part of our belt tightening program so we can save up for future vacations or whatnots.

Why did I think he could read my mind?  Because I needed my allowance for this week and I didn't want to stop at the ATM, have no time for that.  But he can easily go since he doesn't have a long commute to work.

How did you know I needed money I asked him?  He said I asked him for it when I called him at work during the day.  For the love of chocolates, I couldn't remember ever asking him to swing by the ATM at all. I know I have some memory loss lately, but this surely I could remember.

When was that I asked him further?  He said, " You told me, don't forget my ten." 

Hahahaha!  I said don't forget my PEN.  Not ten.  And here I laughed out loud it scared the cats.

I liked the pens they have at his work. Our work don't buy those pens because of budget limitations.  So if I need one I ask him to give me one, hence the "don't forget my pen" message.

I think dear husband needs a little visit to the ear doctor :)


kassidy's notes said… you have an extra $10. i like that idea of just $10 per week. i bring lunch so i spend money only on coffee in the mornings.
Photo Cache said…
@ kassidy - we both brown bag our lunch so there really is no need to spend for anything other than coffee.
Josiet said…
Hahaha! And here you thought he could read your mind.
The Scud said…
haha. pero sweet pa rin. he stopped by an ATM machine for your ten. :-)

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