My Weekly AI Review Or Something

Before I go on with my weekly listing of my fave and least fave performances, I must say I recently went to out for dinner on a weeknight, a very rare occurence for me.  A friend of ours just got back to the States after a few months overseas and he and his wife and me and my husband went to this tapas place.  The selection is not wide and varied, but the dishes were great.  I'll blog about this since I have photos to go with it - very soon.

So on to the American Idol perfomance night.  I didn't realize that before the season started the producer had announced that this year - with the new judges and all - there would be no theme every week.  Howevder, it looked like there is a theme every week, don't you agree?

And last night was Rock and Roll or songs by artists inducted in the Rock and Roll HOF.  The top 9 went on to perform and I was pretty much satisfied with the performances.  They as a group pretty much upped their game and gave their all.  It is a competition after all.

At the end of the night, here are my picks.  For this week and the coming weeks, I will refrain from using BOTTOM THREE instead I will refer to it as my LEAST FAVE peformances. 

I am still reeling from my successful prediction from last week.  On my bottom three last week were Naima and Thia - who were both got the boot. 

This week, rock being the theme and my fave themes of all time, I chose the following:

1.  James Durbin - come on now even if you weren't a fan before this night, didn't he sway you a bit to take a second and closer look at him?  I was washing the dishes when the commercial break come on and I told my husband that I predicted James to sing a Beatles song - a slow one since it's a Rock and Roll theme, he'd take the slow route.  I was correct on both instances, although the song he chose -  WHILE MY GUITAR SILENTLY WEEPS - was not the one I had in mind, but what a clever choice.  He came out swinging with his emotional take on the theme.  And what a handsome guy he is.

2.  Casey Abrams - A few posts down, here, I mentioned how much I love the song HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN that was a cover by Rod Stewart, originally sung by CCR. My brother has CCR CDS and sometimes when I borrow his truck one of these CDS are in his truck stereo and I get to listen.  But I wasn't particularly knowledgeable about the group.  Still I was stoke to hear Casey go out and cover this song, the song that I personally believe would be great tune in this day and age and would merit more air time.  I thought he did a great job - especially since the song he chose was my favorite.

3.  Scott McCreery - Who knew he could do Elvis?  And spectacularly well I might add. I was truly impressed with his overall perfomance last night although some of his hand gestures were a bit disconcerting to see.  Anyway, I thought he hit the bull's eye with last night's perfomance.

1.   Stefano Langone - I did not particularly care for his brand of crooning and the song he chose I thought did not do any justice to his quest. I am not a fan to begin with and with that song choice last night I remained not a fan.  You see what I mean.  I thought he failed last night to convert nonfans to fans by that song.

2.   Lauren Alaina - No one sings that and comes out looking and sounding good, unless you're Kelly Clarkson, which I really haven't seen since I jumped onto the AI bandwagon in Season 4.  But I heard Kelly's interpretation and it rocked.  But Lauren's Natural Woman - suprised to find it was sung by Queen Aretha - was nowhere near the shadow of the originator.

3.   I don't have a third choice. 

I'd like to note that I like Haley's raspy almost manic performance last night. I hope she keeps choosing songs like this.  Plus, keep the curls Haley, I like the curls on you.

Agree or not, doesn't Pia sounded like Celine Dion every single week.  Keep your eye shut and just listen. You would think it's Celine crooning.

Jacob Lusk continues to do well. But I don't think he'll have enough staying power.

So there goes my weekly prediction and blabber about American Idol.  Until next week.


Josiet said…
Pia's out and I am not really sad about it =) Loving Scotty and James more each week.
witsandnuts said…
And your predictions were so right!

Scotty and Casey forever! Hahaha. :)

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