Bulleted Thoughts for Friday

Oh one of those days when I cannot string sentences into paragraphs so I'm using bullets.

  • First time since I got married that I went to work without my wedding band.  Forgot to put it back on last night after taking it off to wash the dishes.  Something feels wrong.
  • Did not do an American Idol recap/prediction.  A combo of laziness, busy schedule, and worry over Emma.
  • Emma my tuxedo cat has vomitted in the middle of the night.  What came out was unchewed food.
  • Last week we awoke to a vomit near Buster's food plate and assumed it was Buster who overate and threw up. Now we're leaning more towards Emma being the culprit.
  • Was observing Emma if she had some changes in eating/appetite (No), behaviour (NO), or her physical well-being (NO).  She's not lethargic at all, although my mother has been noticing that she was. I think my mom may have mixed up lethargy to a cat's laziness.  Keeping my fingers crossed still.
  • Really bummed that my 2 point and shoot cameras have dirty lens and I don't know how to clean them.  They are ruining my shots when I zoom to take photos.  The newer one thankfully is still covered by warranty and would be sent for clean up.  The older one is my fave and I think it's on its last legs, but I still want to hold on to it.
  • I hope I can save up enough for that DSLR.
  • I feel really silly and petty when all I could think is DSLR while two of my friends are having a tough time.  One is in need of a pacemaker, else the next time she passes out she won't wake up.  And the other is caring for her husband who's dealing with chemo :(
  • I am going to a free Christian music concert in Berkeley this Saturday. 
  • I am looking forward to a little trip in Costa Rica late summer/early fall.  Not booked yet, getting our schedules sorted out so we can start planning and paying for the trip. 


kayni said…
tough week as well here but hanging in there. i hope emma's ok. let me know.

i was just reading about costa rica a few days ago. an article was saying it's one of those places you can go to if you want to avoid war.

i'm sorry for your two friends. i send my prayers for them.

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