I have a secret to tell. I love alleys and narrow streets. They make me happy. They are some of my favorite photo subjects.

But a day or so ago as I was inspecting what's on my flickr account that I could use for blogging in the future, I came upon this one that was taken almost a year ago today from my visit to Rabat in Malta.

It's a narrow street, the one we took to go to St. Paul's Church.

It isn't the first time I've seen this or reviewed this. Part of my unwinding at the end of the day is to go over my shots/albums and see what inspiration I can get for my blogs - I have three going at the same time so I need a lot of inspiration.

Always the photos make me happy.

But this time around, this particular image pinched my heart.

You see I have been experiencing some torpor in my life. I can't figure out why and what is the cause.

It can't be the season. Heck, it's autumn, and while my neighborhood isn't awash in vivid yellows, reds, and browns, it has the fall atmosphere. For those who wants to know, we have greens everywhere still with a hint of the season that is here. We always get our leaves changing colors later than the North or even the East. Last year we had lovely fall colors on Christmas day - yap that's how late we sometimes get our colors.

It can't be the season when the Giants, our hometown baseball team, is in the World Series. There is too much excitement and happy energy going around town and people are just happy around here.

Still I felt a little melancholic at seeing this image.

Then today I realized what I needed, what was missing. The root of my lethargy dawned upon me as I was taking my walk around the corridors - an activity I do to stretch my legs and keep me away from my computer screen.

The image conveyed some sense of sadness because my body was craving for an adventure. A little vacation. My camera needed some clicking action.

I need to breathe a different kind of air - hopefully something brisky cold - and my eyes needed to see a little color other than blue (sky) and green (pines and firs).

I need a vacation. A short one, for now.

Hawaii was in the cards in the summer time, but Cancun came in at the last minute and because value wise the latter trumped the former, Cancun we went.

Six days five nights - it got us through the rest of the third quarter.

I need another one.

We have initially penciled in a Hawaii (again) vacay in December just before all the cooking and gift-wrapping and tree-trimming, but my sensible self didn't think that our pocket book can suffer that much damage so close to the Holidays and with all the travel plans we already have for the next year.

So we scrapped the Hawaii island visit. It was difficult but it was the right move.

Now I am scouring the net for deals somewhere close to go to for an overnight stay, just to get away.

I need my mojo back!


mumsified said…
i know that feeling or somehow close to what you're feeling. but right now, all i want to do is to stay put. no travel for at least 3 months. i guess travelling can be tiring at some point also.

go get your mojo back! =)
kassidy's notes said…
hmm...i get that feeling too - the need to be some place else. i sure hope you'll visit hawaii anytime in the future. i love that place and hawaii is home to me.
witsandnuts said…
I hope you'll be able to figure out soon where to have at least a weekend getaway. I'm thinking of traveling, too, during the anticipated long break next month. But when I think about the things I need to tackle at work, I back off. I might just wait for my real planned vacation in December.
Andrea said…
Yes, this post affected me, i was swept of my denial stage, that is denying that i need to get out. Thanks for the reminder, maybe that is also the cause of these feelings. BTW, i also love to get photos of alleys, long endless hiways and paths, as if they are really roads to nowhere! Very beautiful fotos you have here.

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