Starting Monday The Right Way

.........and in a surprising way. I awoke before my alarm today to someone mussing my hair, licking my forehead and eyelids. And of course I thought it would be Emma since Emma usually wakes me up with a tap on my nose. One tap then two taps that's how Emma wakes me.

But this one is purring and biting my hair the whole time I was being woken up and I love it. Here's who the culprit is:

buster 4

He is my newly adopted 5-month old orange tiger domestic cat I named Buster. Up until this morning, he couldn't jump high enough to reach the bed. Our bed is a little high, my short legs have to jump to get up to the bed too :) so I didn't think it would be Buster who'd be waking me up.

He is such a sweetie. Very energetic and still doesn't have coordination. He slides through the wooden floor a lot and bangs his body and every part of his body every where.

He is not a favorite of Emma, the resident queen cat. She still hisses and growls at him. But young as he is, he continues to play with her. So far no one has gotten hurt despite all the hissing and growling.

Little Buster copies all of ate Emma's actions.  Emma only drinks in a styrofoam cup on our sink.  Buster has taken to doing that - after a few days of realizing he can jump that high too.

It's a little nerve wracking when I think of how Emma is pissed at having company in the  house.  We're hoping that she will get used to the idea of having a little brother.  We keep telling her it's her little brother and as little brothers/sisters go - they all can be annoying.


So young, so full of promise for Busterrific action!
mumsified said…
he looks shy in the picture! =)
Sylvia K said…
I love orange kitties like Buster and he is such a cutie! Love the shot of him!
Y. Ikeda said…
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Y. Ikeda said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I was supposed to leave a comment on the link you provided but while going through your other blogs, this entry caught my eyes. Actually I was thrilled at the pic of your cute orange tiger!
You will see how I felt when you visit our blog.

He (pic below of above link!)is now 12 years old, named Mont (Japanese short hair). He has little sister we adopted when we were in Sweden. I DO know how hard it was when he had new sister. Our case is opposite to yours! He did not hiss at her but it took him time to get along with young lively sister.
BTW, this is his sister, Tara (4 years old).

She is so sweet, too.

Have a happy cat life!!!

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