Bloggers Swap For Christmas

A fellow blogger, Prinsesa, is conducting what could only be termed as super fun blogger swap for Christmas.  Please head on to her site and I'm pretty sure you still can join. 

This is my list of WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

Something small: table top Phil flag
Something big:

Something cute: keychain (Sanrio - it has been years)

Something soft: pastillas

Something techie: memory stick

Something fancy: gourmet pastillas or gourmet hopia

Something (my favorite color): pink anything from sanrio

Something wearable: bandana or bracelet

Something you need: pastillas

Something you can use for work: pastillas

Something sweet: chocnut (haven't had this in ages)

All I Want For Christmas: Filipino delights and delicacies - basta may amoy Pinas okay.


prinsesamusang said…
hi i have noted your url! please send me your mailing details so i can send you a partner! i have sent the email to the ad you have left on the comment on my blog. thanks!
jake said…
ang bottomline lang is.. PASTILLAS talaga ang makakapagpa-happy sayo sa Pasko! :D
Ibyang said…
ang dali mo palang mapasaya eh, pastillas lang pwede na :)
I can see humility is one of your virtues. You didn't expect expensive gifts.



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witsandnuts said…
Although I would wish that I would be your swap partner, ang hirap pala kung sakali, kase wala akong mahahanap na pastillas at ChocNut sa UAE. Pero madaming Sanrio products. :)

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