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I love love stories. I love movies that feature love stories. Boy meets girl. Boy/girl hates girl/boy. Then at the end of the story, boy/girl realizes that girl/boy would be the only one who could complete his/her life.

Hollywood cannot make them fast enough for me. I love them. Even those sappy, very predictable movies that most people find boring and a total waste of time, I relished them.

Just think how magical it is to find that someone from all the people who are walking the earth right now, or all the people that have walked or will walk this world before you're long gone.

I remember when I was a mere teenager I marvelled at how lucky I was to be in the same world as these people I hang out with . Or how magical it is to find who I thought was the "one" walking not only the same planet Earth that I was walking in, but also the same streets. Of course not all fairytales end in happy ending. 

And all these emotions are coming back to the forefront because I watched a ho-hum movie last night, LETTERS TO JULIET.  Aside from the spectacular Italian countryside that was the locale for this movie, there is nothing that jumps out at the viewer or the critic to say "watch me". I have not read the reviews, but let me guess this movie would have the-little-man-is-asleep-on-the-chair rating. 

What truly amazes me is how people find each other.  How they find each other.  How the universe conspire to get them together in the same gps location at the same time.  It's fascinating to me and I never tire of hearing how couples meet.  And when you ask couples who have been together or married for quite some time, they recall their first meeting with that glint in their eyes.  And I am hooked.  I would sit in the couch or that pain in butt chair in the outdoor seating area of a cafe and listen.  Ask questions.  People in love is a fascinating subject.


mumsified said…
I agree, people in love is a fascinating subject.

And I also love any love story. Right now, I am obsessed with Lois and Clar's love story in Smallville =)
witsandnuts said…
You remember the lyrics "tell me how do people find each other in a world that's full of strangers?" from Got to Believe in Magic. I haven't seen Letters to Juliet yet. One of the most interesting serendipitous story for me was that in Before Sunrise.
arabesque said…
and that's something i've yet to find and still searching. ^0^
love aside, i think anyone who's romantic-less will fell head over heels with this flick, the setting for one was really, really breathtaking! ^0^
Have you seen "Amelie?" I highly recommend it. It's got love, travel, photography and French comedy. :)
Photo Cache said…
@ Faery - yap I've seen Amelie. I went thru a phase of my life that only foreign films were the ones I wanted to see :)

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