Just Babbling

I don't want to begin this by saying how lousy I've been feeling lately.  But I just did.  I feel crappy - for days now.  But I'm seeing the doctor at Allergy Clinic sometime next week and feeling hopeful that finally whatever it is that's keeping me congested and headachy and eyes dry and throat itchy all the time would be identified.  Oh I have seen my PCP over and over about this - year in year out - but never really gotten the courage to find out what's bothering me.  In the past, after consultation/visit with PCP and taking in meds, my symptoms would disappear only to return a few weeks later.  Still it would be gone for a time and I'd be fine for that short time.  But this year though, the symptoms lingered long after I had taken all the meds, sprayed my nasal passages over and over, so it's time to go and get it checked.

I am worried that they would find pet dander as the source of my problems and I don't want to give up my Emma for anything.  Let's wait and see.

On the opposite side, I have been feeling really terrific lately as well.  And the cause of this euphoric vibe is the Giants, our very own San Francisco Giants baseball team who have won the National League Western Division Championship and are now playing NLDS with the Atlanta Braves.  I don't wanna say any more because I don't want this feeling to end and I'm afraid that by sharing all these happy thoughts and feelings with the cyberspace community, I'd be jinxing them.  Oh gods of Baseball Heavens, please let the Giants be victorious!

October already! 

It's hard to transition from summer's heat to autumn's crispness when we never had a summer to speak of around these parts.  For the most part, at least 95% of the entire summer, we had really cool temperatures.  If I didn't go to Cancun in late June, I wouldn't have experienced hot weather this year.

But I thought that lighting holiday scented candles would help me get into the mood of holidays, and so I have been lighting this jar of candle that I have.  It's halfway through and I hope to be able to completely light it out this year as this was the jar I had for the holidays last year.  The hubby gets congested when there are "foreign" scents around and so he snuffs it immediately - that's why I don't have to get another jar soon.

I'm thinking of going all out with holiday decors this year.  But I'm lazy to open boxes and see what's there in the garage in terms of decorations.  I know for a fact that we snatched some after holiday sale items last year.  So maybe I will cut down on my computer time and start digging into the boxes for decorations.

I know I'm babbling but that's the title of this post.  I feel so much better now than when I first started this post. 

Lemme see what else I wanna share?

Oh the fall tv season has been running for 2-3 weeks now and so my must-see tv shows have had 2-3 shows already. And what do I think?

NO ORDINARY FAMILY:  Cool concept.  I really like it and the actors are likeable too.

BROTHERS AND SISTERS:  They haven't veered from the gameplan - they've been running the same pattern every show:  problem, a lot of shouting always while eating and drinking and then by the end of the show all's well. 

I will give you my opinion on the other shows I'm following next post.  Right now I feel my stomach grumble louder and harder than when I started to compose this post.  So let me grab something to eat and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


mumsified said…
Oh, I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

I do have a jar of candle at home. We light it up every night. Thankfully no one is allergic or anything =)

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