While waiting for my mocha frap at the coffee cart inside the cafeteria, a male nurse came bouncing in and chatted with the lady who owns the cart as she was fixing my order.

He was enthusiastically telling the lady about his 2-year-old son. You can see all the joy and love from his face. I joined in their conversations and he willingly shared more of his son's antics.

As I was walking away from the coffee cart, I felt a bucketful of melancholy wash over me. I cannot share how my little cat Buster would pause biting me whenever I say, NO BITING, or how my little 2-year-old cat Emma knows exactly when she needed to be fed in the morning, that she wouldn't wake me up before 7 am even though she's up hours before 7 am.

It wasn't appropriate to share my love to my cats when he or someone else is sharing about their kids.

Times like this I feel bummed that I cannot conceive - yet.


kayni said…
hmm...i don't know what to say, but hang in there.

plus a big cyber hug and my prayers.
mumsified said…
It will come at the right time....
arabesque said…
tis hard to say something uplifting, maybe bec. life gets confusing and frustating at times,
i'd say, stick to positive thoughts bec. there's always something to be happy about and pray, it's the best anti-depressant antidote.

i wish you have a gr8 weekend.
witsandnuts said…
I wish I can say something better. But I just wanna give you (virtual) hugs for now. ;)
the right time will come for you.

my joy comes from being an aunt...and a cat mama.

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