Grateful November 2


November 9 = I am grateful for the smooth sailing start of this work week.

November 10 = I am grateful for the chance to feed the hungry cat. [I have a neighbor cat that comes visit me every night. It would come close to the back door and almost presses its face on the glass door. I started feeding it and in return it looks at me like it's thankful.]

November 11 = I am thankful for veterans all over the world. I am proud that my father was a veteran, my uncle was a veteran and my nephew is considered a veteran.

November 12 = I am thankful for the tank of gas that enabled me to visit a nice little town on Veteran's Day.

Happy Friday everyone!


now that's counting one's blessings! :)
witsandnuts said…
You know what, there's something about the entirety of the photo that I can't point out. But it boils down to saying that I'm still staring at it because it's so beautiful.
Andrea said…
Hi i am new here, just followed your comment somewhere. This is the scene which i fancy since i was young, and till now haven't yet seen in person, walking barefoot on fallen autumn leaves, not really in the pavement but in the forest! Oh how nice that feels like.

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