Grateful November 3

November 13 = I am grateful for a quiet Saturday with no errands to run and ABC Family running a marathon of Harry Potter movies all weekend.

November 14 = I am thankful for the Jazz Vespers at church that Jeanne had conceptualized and presented to the congregation.

November 15 = I an very thankful for a couple of aspirin tablets that kicked my head in the butt and enabled me to sleep soundly and awoke refreshed.

November 16 = I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a secretary to the church meeting and participate in the monthly meeting with church members.

November 17 = I am grateful for the homemade quesadillas that we whipped up for dinner last night.


Great lists of things to be thankful for. Today I'm thankful for aspirin too for my sore back.
Hi, beautiful flowers this.. i liked
mumsified said…
wow, a marathon of harry potter movies. i'd love that!!!

i am grateful for the long holiday here.

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