It's Thanksgiving Week


It's Thanksgiving this Thursday here in the states. And that means turkey (or ham), potato dish (mashed), cranberry sauce, etc etc.

We will be cooking the turkey deep fried this year. First time ever. We found a turkey deep fryer on sale two weeks ago and it was too good to pass up so we decided to do a deep fried turkey this year. Will let you know how it turns out.

During the Thanksgiving meal preparations, we always make mashed potato, because I love mashed potato. One time we made green mashed potato by incorporating pea puree to color my dish. Not only did I like the visuals, it was great too.  Not sure if we are making our mashed potatoes green this year. 

Since we are expecting only one guest this year, I think we can be less stressed about the cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving every one.


JO said…
happy thanksgiving!

enjoy your thanksgiving sale!

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~
Happy Turkey & Cranberry Sauce Day! We'll be having glazed ham as well.

That looks like guacamole! :P
mumsified said…
Happy Thanksgiving! =)

That green mashed potato looks more appealing than the usual one.

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