Bulleted Updates

May 21st was the last post here. I don't intend to make this blog weekly; however the universe conspired to keep me away from posting. Yeah really!

So I thought updates are necessary to keep you all (all 2 of my readers) posted on what's been happening to the author of this site. Here goes:

@Attended a niece's baby shower. Her sister, my other niece, cooked too much and the spread was wonderful. Was surprised at how good she can cook.

@However, the shower was cut short since the mom-to-be's cousin, another niece of mine - her apartment was burning. She lost everything. I'm not going to dwell on this because they don't want anything about this over the net. I respect their privacy.

@LOST ended it's 6-year run with a 4.5-hour tv event. I loved the first two hours - a retrospection of what had transpired so far and about the characters in the island. Pretty fascinated.

@The main event or the finale episode was 2.5 hours long. Only to be revealed at the very end that they were all dead. DEAD. No.One.Survived. I still am trying to process my feelings about how the writers ended this well-loved and confusing series.

@Grey's Anatomy, another perennial favorite of mine, had its season finale. They killed a couple of characters - the newer ones - which I thought was a good move. The end will keep me waiting for this fall's new season.

@Celebrated my wedding anniversary. Took an overnight trip to Monterey and booked a hotel by the ocean. Walked on the beach - twas cold - , went sightseeing, windowshopping, and ate at a tapas place whose menu reminded us of the Barcelona trip we took last year. Vowed to return to the hotel and the tapas place this year - with God's grace.

@Tagged along hubby as he and a handful of his co-workers went to do the burrito challenge - eat a huge burrito worth $18 dollars, the size of three super burritos. No time limit, but none of them were able to finish the whole thing. One guy, Richard, almost finished his - not quite. All except him took boxes to go. Had burrito for dinner for two nights after that :D The burrito was really good too.

@Went to the CARNAVAL, an annual street fair in SF that celebrates Hispanic culture with parade, dancing, eating, etc. Went to get the El Salvadoran tamales that we once had in this festival but they didn't carry the said treat.

@Instead our friends took us to Vik's Chaat House, a local favorite and one of the best bargain eats around these parts. Good thing that we went with friends because we didn't know that they moved to a few blocks away to a better location and more ecofriendly building.

So that's what's been happening. Still waiting to hear if we could really have some summer fun this year courtesy of Hawaii. Keeping my fingers crossed.


the scud said…
i almost read your grey's anatomy spoiler. thank god for the mouse and my quick hands. haha.

i love the season finale of lost. i liked the idea (or a philosophy?) that my loved ones who have gone before me, those who have played significant roles in my life, are out there waiting for me to finish my time on earth. and then all of us can move on to the afterlife together.

for me, it didn't really matter that not all the island mysteries were answered.

what's your take on the finale?

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