Busy Monday

Workwise that is. And as I get the ahead of my work load, the system slows down to an almost halt, barring me from opening an application vital to the completion of my task. But our network allows me to open the net and here I am trying to wait for one application to load so I blog :)

The weekend was quiet. The weather did turn up the heat, and hooray, one of my old shorts fit still. You can just imagine my delight. There was one pair of shorts however that wouldn't fit at all, so it went to the bag for donation to my church's yard sale next weekend.

No beach this past weekend. We could have. Didn't have anything planned, but I was lazy to go anywhere. Our little town had its annual Cultural Fair. The park near us was filled with tents of food from different cultural heritage. There were Thai dishes, Filipino lumpia and pancit and adobo, Chinese food, hotdogs, bbqs, and of course a booth/tent offering funnel cake - the one with the longest line. I was in my diet mode, hence, nothing tempted me. I walked away from the festival with empty stomach, can you believe that.

On Sunday, our day started late. I haven't had this type of day where I left the bed at past 12 noon. Had cereals close to 1 pm. Did the laundry and blogged, until it was closer to 5 when hubs wanted to go out and check something in the store. Went to get some nachos and burritos from Taco Bell, just to get their free fruitista freeze and a limeade drink. The freeze was great tasting, but the limeade was like a lemonade syrup + sprite or 7-up, I didn't care for it.

We took a little walk at the wetlands area. Saw someone boating, never seen that before. The roses were all blooming, so nice to see. The sun was blazing, but the breeze was cold, so it was pleasant. It was high tide when we went for a walk, also first time I saw that.

And my facebook account registered 6 new friends. I know, I should stop.

Okay, let me check if the application has completed its loading.


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